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Utility trucks are workhorses, delivering essential services across South Africa. We understand that your truck is not just a vehicle, but a tool critical to your operations. Protect it with coverage that’s designed specifically for utility trucks.

Key Features and Services

  1. Damage to your vehicle: Our comprehensive policies protect your utility truck from damages due to accidents, weather conditions, fire, and even theft.
  2. Equipment coverage: With your truck carrying specialized tools, we understand the value and cover your on-board equipment and installations.
  3. Liability insurance: In the event of accidents causing damage to third party property or injury, our liability coverage provides robust protection.
  4. Fleet insurance: For businesses operating multiple utility trucks, we offer fleet insurance to provide comprehensive coverage, simplifying management and potentially saving you money.
  5. Roadside assistance: Given the challenging environments in which utility trucks often operate, our policies include roadside assistance to ensure you’re never stuck.

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Your utility truck is vital to your job. Don’t leave it unprotected. Secure your operations, your livelihood, and your peace of mind with our comprehensive utility truck insurance. Get a quote today!

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