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Welcome to our dedicated long-haul trucking insurance page. Here, we offer comprehensive solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of long-haul trucking in South Africa. Your truck isn’t just a vehicle, it’s the backbone of your business, and we’re here to protect it.

Key Features and Services

    1. Understanding the Unique Risks of Long-Haul Trucking

    Long-haul trucking in South Africa comes with unique risks, including high rates of theft and hijacking, poor road infrastructure, untrained drivers, and widespread corruption. Understanding these risks allows us to provide you with policies that offer full coverage against all potential threats to your business.

    1. Long-Haul Vs. Local/Regional – The Difference in Policies

    Long-haul trucking policies need to cover a broader geographic area and higher liability limits than local or regional policies. Our long-haul insurance also provides coverage for cargo, trailer interchange, and non-trucking liability, plus optional extras like roadside assistance and breakdown coverage.

    1. Choosing the Right Coverage for Long-Haul Trucking

    Choosing the right policy involves careful consideration of various factors such as the cargo type, size and weight of the truck and trailer, mileage, coverage needed, deductible and coverage limits, cost, and reputation of the insurance company. Our team is here to guide you through these considerations, ensuring you get the best possible coverage.

    1. Minimizing Risk Exposure and Insurance Premiums

    We believe in empowering our customers. We provide guidance on how to minimize your risk exposure and potentially lower your insurance premiums, from maintaining a safe driving record, taking defensive driving courses, and truck maintenance, to exploring discounts and raising deductibles.

    1. Understanding Unique Insurance Claims in Long-Haul Trucking

    Claims related to cargo loss/damage, breakdown or mechanical failure, and accident liability are common in long-haul trucking. We’ll walk you through how to handle and prepare for these situations, so you’re never caught off guard

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