Goods In Transit Insurance ( GIT Insurance )


    The Transit Insurance covers damage and/or loss of property whilst in transit.

    With over 15 years of Experience in the Transport insurance Industry, Osure offers solutions for all type of Goods in Transit insurance cover and much more.


    Osure was established in Johannesburg in 2006. The vision was to provide a boutique insurance offering, giving personal attention to bespoke clientele in the commercial sector.

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    GIT Insurance Cover in South Africa

    The Goods in Transit policy offers protection against loss, destruction, or damage to goods whilst they are in transit – from the time of leaving the insured’s premises to final delivery.

    Tucks, Trailers & GIT

    Why we are different

    Osure will take care of all your short term insurance needs and will meet any expectation that our bespoke clientele have come to expect!

     We have been extremely fortunate in our careers to have worked with some of our country’s leading Transporters. This has allowed us to develop and grow deep industry knowledge and understanding of clients’ short-term insurance needs across various industries. Osure is confident in our commitment to deliver tailored products, thoughtful strategic planning, professional services, excellent rates and turnaround times

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