Secure Your Business Operations – Specialized Insurance for Crane Trucks in South Africa

As a specialist in crane truck insurance, we understand the unique risks involved in operating these vehicles. With our comprehensive coverage options, we can protect your crane trucks, your workers, and your bottom line.

Key Features and Services

Tailored Insurance Coverage for Crane Trucks

Due to the unique nature of crane truck operations, standard commercial vehicle insurance may not provide sufficient coverage. Our insurance solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of crane trucks, offering coverage for property damage, personal injury, and the crane itself.

Consideration of All Factors

We factor in all elements of your operations, including the type of crane truck operations you conduct, the size and value of your crane trucks, the cargo you transport, and more, ensuring your policy is well-suited to your needs.

Guidance Through Regulations and Claims

Operating a crane truck in South Africa comes with certain regulations. We help you navigate these, ensuring your operations are compliant. In addition, our team of experts will guide you through the claims process should an incident occur.

Risk Management and Prevention

Our team also provides assistance in developing risk management strategies and identifying potential hazards in your operations. We help you to minimize risk and prevent incidents before they occur.

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