Truck Insurance for Heavy Haulage – Protecting the Big Loads in South Africa

Involved in heavy haulage in South Africa? Your insurance needs are as hefty as your cargo. Our specialist heavy haulage truck insurance provides comprehensive coverage, understanding the unique risks you face.

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Unique Risks in Heavy Haulage Truck Insurance

Heavy haulage truck insurance involves distinctive challenges like the high cost of insurance, difficulty in finding insurers, obtaining accurate information about truck condition, cargo, driver’s qualifications, road conditions, and more. Our team is adept at handling these unique scenarios, making sure you’re well covered.

Selecting Insurance for Heavy Haulage Transportation

Consideration of several factors is crucial while selecting insurance for heavy haulage, including the type, size, weight, and value of the cargo, distance of the haul, type of truck, driver’s experience, road type, frequency of hauls, type and cost of insurance. We provide a personalized consultation to guide you through the selection process.

Heavy Haulage Insurance vs Standard Cargo Insurance

Heavy haulage truck insurance policies typically require higher limits of liability coverage due to the increased risk associated with transporting heavier loads. Additional coverage for specialized equipment used to transport heavy loads is also often necessary. Premiums are typically higher compared to standard cargo insurance due to these increased risks.

Regulations for Heavy Haulage Trucks in South Africa

Heavy haulage operations must comply with several regulations in South Africa, including having a valid operating license, truck certification by the SABS, valid insurance policy, a registered driver with a valid license, proper safety equipment, adherence to speed limits and traffic regulations, regular service and maintenance, and a fitted tracking device. We help you navigate these rules, ensuring full compliance.


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