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Take on the unique risks of refrigerated trucking in South Africa with confidence, thanks to our specialized insurance policies crafted for your specific needs.

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Understanding the Unique Risks of Refrigerated Trucks

With increased risks of theft, higher repair costs, potential for breakdowns, accidents, cargo damage due to temperature fluctuations, liability claims, and environmental damage due to refrigerants, insuring refrigerated trucks can be complex. Our insurance policies address these challenges, offering you comprehensive protection.

Choosing the Perfect Coverage for Refrigerated Trucks

We consider factors like cargo type and value, truck size, route distance, trip frequency, and type of insurance to help you select the most appropriate insurance for your refrigerated truck operations.

Insurance Policies and Premiums for Refrigerated Trucks

Unlike other commercial vehicles, refrigerated trucks require specialized coverage due to the nature of their cargo, potentially leading to higher premiums. Our plans provide coverage for temperature control, refrigeration breakdown, and other unique risks, all at transparent and competitive pricing.

Adhering to South African Regulations for Refrigerated Trucks

From having a valid motor vehicle license and SANRAL registration to fitting temperature monitoring devices, ensuring regular service, having specialized insurance, training drivers, annual inspections, and equipping the vehicle with safety equipment – we guide you through the legalities of operating refrigerated trucks in South Africa.

Preparing for Claims Involving Refrigerated Trucks

From breakdowns to theft, our truck insurance covers a range of potential claims. We recommend proper truck maintenance, setting correct temperatures, securing cargo, training drivers, and keeping detailed maintenance records. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


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